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Instructor teaching CPR to class in fitness center

Expert First Aid Training Provider in Bristol

Empower your team with FirePro's accredited first aid training. From CPR to illness and catastrophic bleeding, our expert instructors in Bristol deliver tailored on-site courses across the UK, ensuring your workplace is prepared for any situation.

Level 2 & 3 Qualsafe Courses

Serving Bristol & the UK

Accredited First Aid Training

Available First Aid Courses

It is a legal requirement for all businesses with over five employees to provide first aid training. With accredited and regulated training, FirePro will ensure your compliance while instilling crucial life-saving skills for your workplace, homes and the wider community.

Click on one of our available courses for detailed information of what our training provides

room set up for first aid session

Fully Accredited First Aid Training Courses

Our first aid training offers comprehensive programmes designed to equip participants with life-saving skills. Covering CPR, wound care, and emergency response, our Qualsafe-accredited courses are led by experienced instructors, ensuring participants gain the confidence and knowledge needed to respond effectively to a range of workplace emergencies.

Use our First Aid Requirements Calculator

Discover personalised first aid solutions for your workplace with our innovative First Aid Requirements Calculator. In just a few minutes, input a few specific details about your workplace and receive a bespoke, printable report outlining your first aid needs and recommended training. Click the button below to access the calculator and ensure your workplace is prepared for any emergency.

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house
Apprentice builders in presentation in training facility

Convenient Blended Learning

Experience the convenience of FirePro's on-site training across the UK. Our approach ensures training is seamlessly integrated into your location, minimising disruptions and allowing tailored sessions to address specific workplace contexts and risks.


Alternatively, we also offer a blended learning approach for our three-day First Aid at Work course. Here, learners can complete one day of online self-study before completing two trainer-led days in the classroom. Get in touch to elevate your team's safety skills with online and location-based training.

Car First aid kit

Contact Firepro in Bristol

We're a first aid training provider that will enhance workplace safety with accredited on-site training. Contact us today.

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