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Health and Safety training in classroom

Health & Safety Training Providers in Bristol and the wider UK

Receive in-depth safety training from FirePro. From fire safety to hazardous material and manual handling courses, our Qualsafe-accredited programmes equip your team with vital skills for a secure and compliant workplace.

Manual Handling

First Aid Courses

Hazardous Materials Training

Available Health & Safety Courses

Ensure a secure work environment with the help of FirePro's comprehensive training. From fire safety to hazardous material and manual handling courses, our programmes instil vital skills to prevent accidents, protect assets, and comply with safety regulations, fostering a safer workplace for everyone.

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Manual Handling (Qualsafe Awards) 

Fire Safety Training (Qualsafe Awards)

Education and Training (Qualsafe Awards)

Instructor showing how to use a fire extinguisher on a training fire

Fire Safety Training

With the help of FirePro's fire safety training team, participants gain essential skills to prevent, respond to, and manage fire incidents. Our training covers fire hazards, proper use of firefighting equipment, evacuation procedures, and emergency response, ensuring workplace safety and effective handling of fire-related situations.

Health and Safety 

FirePro's health and safety training courses cover a multitude of vital aspects, including employer and employee responsibilities, risk assessments, and responding to incidents. Create a safety-focused workplace with our comprehensive courses tailored to instil best practices and protect both employers and employees.

Man With Mop And Wet Floor Sign
Movers unloading a moving van

Manual Handling Training

FirePro's accredited manual handling training is designed to significantly enhance workplace safety. Our detailed programmes equip participants with the skills to safely lift and handle loads, reducing the risk of injury. Our accreditation by Qualsafe reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality and industry-recognised training in manual handling techniques.

construction workers earing a helmet

Ask our health & safety specialists

From fire safety to hazardous materials and manual handling courses, our team in Bristol will ensure you're prepared for any situation. Get in touch with us today.

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