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fire safety consulting

Risk Management Consultants serving Bristol and the UK

Safeguard your business, staff, and reputation with FirePro's expert risk management consultancy. Our team, with decades of expertise, and emergency service and incident management experience, ensures your workplace is prepared for any situation.

Full First Aid Training

Hazardous Materials Training

Health & Safety Specialists

Why choose FirePro's consultancy services?

Emergency planning is a crucial element for business. Significant losses, both financial and reputational, can have a long-standing impact. FirePro offers professional risk management guidance and training to businesses and industries throughout the UK.


Specialising in emergency response, incident management and hazmat (chemical) response, we can tailor our services to develop, review, and test your specific requirements.

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Risk Management Expertise

FirePro excels in risk management, drawing from extensive emergency service backgrounds. Our risk management consultants collaborate with clients, leveraging this wealth of experience to craft robust bespoke risk management plans tailored to your specific needs and ensuring a proactive approach to safety and compliance.

Hazardous Material Training

We specialise in consulting on hazardous materials and the safe use of chemicals. With FirePro, your workplace will gain essential skills, including chemical identification and spill response to manage and mitigate risks associated with hazardous materials.

From safety protocols to emergency response, we ensure every workplace is fully prepared to navigate and manage any potential risk.

Chemical training

Who we work with 

NCEC Ricardo Logo
  • National Chemical Emergency Centre Hazmat Academy (teaching hazardous material response)

  • National Fire Chiefs Council (teaching on behalf of the NFCC National Resilience Team)

  • Provide higher-level risk management consulting for a global client to build their risk management plans.

health and safety regulations

We Help With Health & Safety Across A Range Of Sectors

FirePro's consultancy and training spans a wide range of sectors. Our specialised solutions extend to fire services, biopharma companies, dairies and many more. All consultancy services align with the distinct requirements of each workplace, and with our ability to provide on-site consultancy, we ensure convenience and minimal disruption. Get in touch with us today!

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Contact our team in Bristol

Elevate safety standards with FirePro's risk management consultants and develop comprehensive, industry-specific emergency planning solutions.

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